pilates + yoga housecalls

pilates + yoga




all the fun of being in a studio, with the perks of being at home

work hard, play hard ... when you're done blissfully enjoy an evening in with your besties - no travel necessary

the experience

everything needed for the full studio experience is brought directly to your door

all you need to do is show up



Misfit Method's full body cathartic release


rooted in yoga, informed by pilates, inspired by dance, this hour is constant movement - a physical journey allowing a shift to occur from the inside out

through vigorous movement, choreographed sequences, strength work and sound vibration a spiritual connection occurs

connect to the magic of movement in this class


heartbreak hotel

sadness, curated.

90 minutes of #selfcare

45 minutes of indulgent restorative yoga poses set to an atmospheric playlist - followed by 45 minutes of soul affirming pilates movement set to songs that will bring you back to your best life

go ahead, cry your feelings out

pilates sequences inspired by Misfit Method - Get Lifted


A devout student of yoga for many years, Jennifer experienced a light-switch moment when a mentor introduced her to Pilates - suddenly unlocking her ability to dig deeper into her practice. Inspired by the intersection of these disciplines, she found herself drawn to Misfit Studio which profoundly shifted her perspective of movement as medicine. She believes in the transformative power of an immersive experience - that expressive movement and poignant music in an ethereal atmosphere encourages not only physical strength, but an overall sense of wellbeing. As a certified MISFITMETHOD instructor, she endeavours to create space for her students by delivering this holistic approach through her pop-up studio Rove and Rise.